I really hope you have 5 minutes to read this.

Some of you may know Lizzie Velásquez. She has a very rare condition that only two other people is known to have. It means that she has zero body fat% she’s also blind on one eye and her immune system is weak. Even though she eats 5000 calories a day, she will never be able to gain weight.

She was bullied in school but it was worst on the internet. Lizzie found a video made by people she didn’t know. It was called “the worlds ugliest woman” and it was only pictures of her.

She’s now author and motivational speaker AND MAYBE SOON HAVING HER OWN MOVIE. But only if we help. We need to raise $180,000. We’ve raised $120,000 so far and there’s only 9 days left! “A film following Lizzie’s life, her journey to the other side, and her mission to inspire a more positive online world.” COME ON TUMBLR, WE NEED THIS!

You may not be able to donate yourself but some of your followers maybe are SO EVERY REBLOG HELPS! Sorry for my really bad English, but we really need help!

Help Lizzie:

youbemybatman asked:

Hello beautiful person (: once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself then pass this on to your 10 favorite followers. Ok byee (:

1. I’m a hardcore Larry Stylinson shipper

2. I’m bisexual

3. I love food

4. I hate school

5. I don’t know wht else hehe

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